Exports worth about 225 million US dollars recorded by the PAC II project at the end of the activity.

The Second Competitiveness Enhancement Project (CEP II) financed by the World Banksupported the Government of Moldova’s efforts to promote economic growth and job creation. The project was implemented in the period October 2014 - December 2021. In a context of low investment levels, limited productivity and poor export competitiveness, the Project aimed at enhancing Moldova’s private sector activity and investment. The Project development objectivewas to “increase the export competitiveness of Moldovan enterprises and decrease the regulatory burden they face.” The objective was achieved through a set of measures that aim to: (i) improve the business environment through regulatory reforms that reduce the cost of doing business; (ii) help SMEs and exporters to get access to business development services; and (iii) improve access to medium and long term financing for export-oriented enterprises.

All planned performance indicators have been met or exceeded. In addition Project-supported activities generated 2,079 jobs, more than US$225 million in new exports and an estimated US$15 million in savings for the private sector.